Sunday, November 19 at 11am | Bulletin

“Sir, you handed me two talents; look, I have made two more talents!” – Matthew 25:22

Are you talented?

As you may remember, “talent” (τάλαντον in Greek) originally referred to a unit of money. A very big unit of money! But because of this ‘parable of the talents’ and the way it’s been interpreted by preachers over the years, ‘talent’ entered the English language meaning any God-given resource you might have.

In my mind, there is one reason we have any talents, and that’s hinted on in the parable. To invest in the world. To invest in other people. To invest in God’s work of love and justice.

On Thanksgiving Sunday, I invite you to think about investing some of your talents through St Paul & St Andrew: your energy, your thoughts, your time, and your financial resources. It is amazing what we have been able to do, when we do it together!

See you Sunday,


PS: As part of our celebration, three of our many talent-ed ones will offer ‘tiny testimonials’: Bill Crawford, Ping Kwan, and Nancy Meyers!

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