West Side Campaign Against Hunger

Founded by and housed at St. Paul & St. Andrew, the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) is an emergency food pantry that fulfills immediate need with dignity and offers a pathway to self-sufficiency. WSCAH treats its customers respectfully: they choose their own nutritious groceries from shelves in our supermarket-style pantry rather than receiving pre-packaged supplies. Last year WSCAH provided food for 33,000 different families. Along with other volunteers, WSCAH relies on its customers to volunteer toward running many aspects of our pantry, including stocking shelves and checking-out shoppers.

WSCAH takes advantage of its emergency food-contact with its customers to connect them to long-term help. The WSCAH social service counselors meet with customers and assist them toward programs that provide long-term solutions. Partnerships, onsite and off, assist counselors in helping customers. Onsite partners register clients for food stamps, free and low-cost family health insurance and many other services. WSCAH also offers job training, exercise classes and other wellness services. To find out more, go to wscah.org.