Family-Friendly Christmas Eve Service

In light of the rapidly rising Covid rates in the city, congregational participation for the 5pm and 10:45pm Christmas Eve services, and the 11am services on Sunday, December 26 and January 2 will be from home only; no congregation will be present in the sanctuary at these services. Click here for more information about Christmas Eve.

December 24, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. 

We’ve waited. We’ve watched. We’ve prepared him room. And now, friends, with candles and carols, through story and song, we’ll welcome the Christ Child into our world and our hearts. Let’s look for the light together, breaking through the shadows.

Be assured that on this most special night, even while scattered, the message of the angels and the star’s beacon draw us together, just as surely as the shepherds, animals, and wise ones became Jesus’s Bethlehem community so long ago.

Merry Christmas, Church Family!
Pastor Lea

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service
December 24, 2021 at 10:45 p.m. 

At the start of the Christmas story, everyone seems to be overcome with a sense of deep resignation to their present circumstances. And if they had all stayed the way they start, the story would have had a predictable ending. And I don’t think we’d still be telling this story.

But God has a different ending in mind. An ending that begins with a beginning. A small beginning. Small as a baby. And this seemingly small beginning turns out to be the incarnation, the embodiment, the personification of a revolutionary love! A revolutionary love that moves us to act out of love, no matter what our own present circumstances may be. Friends, this isn’t the way we thought we’d gather this Christmas Eve. But in the midst of our sense of resignation to present circumstances, I pray that we leave ourselves open to a small beginning – an incarnation of revolutionary love that moves us to act, even in these times, from a deep place of love.

See you tonight,

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