Testifying Thomas

Sunday, April 16 at 11am| Bulletin

Happy Eastertide, Friends!

For the 50 days of this season, we’ll reflect on the theme of Renewal & Resurrection.  The biblical example of the disciples, and in particular Thomas, will help us imagine being a part of the resurrection when we are still so close to the experience of the tomb.  We’ll consider how their encounters with the Risen Christ teach us that resurrection can happen even when wounds aren’t healed, traumas aren’t integrated, and oppressive systems aren’t entirely dismantled…yet.  From John’s gospel, we come to understand that the Risen Christ invites the disciples, and us, to know the truth and to bear witness to its transforming power.  Jesus wants us to fully experience love’s triumph over death, to grab hold of it, and know the truth to be real.  That seems to be an essential ingredient to renewing our faith and to embracing the new life offered by the Risen Christ.

Come and witness the resurrection with us!

See you Sunday,

Pastor Lea