Crossing Jordan

Third Sunday After Pentecost | Bulletin


“When your children ask, ‘What do those stones mean to you?’ then you shall tell them that the waters of the Jordan River were cut off…and the people crossed over.” -Joshua 4:7

How did you get through the last fifteen months? How are you getting through?

The pandemic is far from over, but as we begin to breathe easier, as we begin to emerge, I want us remember what we’ve been through, individually and together. I want us to remember who helped us get through. And be able, one day, to tell the story of how we got through. How we got over.

As the people of Israel came to the land of promise, they faced another obstacle. The Jordan River was at flood stage. But they crossed the Jordan with a bit of divine help. And they vowed never to forget. And to keep telling the story.

Let’s get together this week and remember the crossing of the Jordan; what it meant then, and what it still means today, as we help each other get through.

Keep telling the story.