Digital Worship for May 2, 2021

What’ll You Have?

Fifth Sunday of Easter | Bulletin

“While in their joy the disciples were disbelieving and still wondering, Jesus said to them, ‘Have you anything here to eat?’” – Luke 24:41

In the Gospel according to Luke, Jesus is always eating. Okay, he starts our fasting for forty days; but after that, Luke says, he’s famished. And for the rest of the Gospel he’s eating: with Levi the tax collector, with Zacchaeus, with some friendly Pharisees, at a Shabbat dinner, and once with 5000 of his closest friends. And how does he describe the Kin-dom of God? It’s like “somebody gave a great dinner!”

When the risen Christ finds the disciples after the resurrection, how does he prove it’s him, and not a ghost? He asks for food. You’d be hungry too, if you’d been through what he’s been through. The Jesus who is with them for the forty days between Easter and the Ascension is no disembodied spirit. He’s a bread-breaking, food-sharing, fish-eating, walking, talking, living, life-giving, embodied Jesus.

And since the Ascension, Jesus is still embodied–through us, the body of Christ. Join us this Sunday as we share the Lord’s Supper together, while apart. And become, once again, the walking, talking, living, life-giving, eating and feeding body of Christ.

Love you,

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