Water Works

Sunday, August 27 at 10am | Bulletin


Think about it: water is a recurrent biblical theme, from the Spirit vibrating over the watery chaos at creation, through the escape of the Israelites from slavery across the Red Sea, to Jesus’ baptism in the River Jordan, to all the storms upon the Sea of Galilee, all pointing toward the river of living water flowing through the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse of St. John the Divine. Water: essential to life, not only to quench thirst but as a means of deliverance, into this world and out of danger.

On Sunday, we’ll consider the story of two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, told in the first chapter of the Book of Exodus. The scripture reading focuses on the birth of Moses and his miraculous salvation, as he is hidden among the reeds. How many other babies did Shiphrah and Puah save through their quiet acts of resistance to Pharoah?

In times of trial and under orders of oppression and repression today, what can we learn about faithful resistance from these “water women”?

Let’s consider this question together Sunday.

See you there,
Pastor Terry

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