Sixteenth Sunday of Pentecost

First Impressions

Sunday, September 10 at 11am | Bulletin


It’s back to school week, a season of new routines, new experiences, and first impressions for many in our community, whether heading to preschool or grad school, whether teaching their first course or beginning their third decade in a school support role. Sunday also marks Pastor K’s return from renewal leave and a return to our 11am worship time. Big feelings all around!

It is in this context that we’ll return once again to Paul’s letter to the Romans and consider what he means when he tells them to “put on Jesus Christ” and what that same exhortation might be speaking to us in our current moment.

Join us as we reflect on all that,

AND celebrate all the students, teachers and support staff in our community with a special Blessing of the Backpacks during the Message for All Ages (bring your backpacks, really!),

AND celebrate Pastor K’s return with an informal coffee and doughnuts reception in the sanctuary immediately following the service.

It’s a big day and it will be better for having you with us!

See you there,
Pastor Andrea

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