The Mercies of Traveling

Sunday, September 17 at 11am | Bulletin


Join us outside on Sunday, on the north side of the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, 89th Street & Riverside Drive!

With the Book of Exodus in our lectionary, it is so appropriate to leave the confines of the sanctuary for the wide open spaces of Riverside Park! And it’s a tribute to the grace of this congregation to leave our sanctuary space to B’nai Jeshurun so that they can celebrate Rosh Hashanah together. Our partnership turns 32 this year! And I never take it for granted, and neither do they.

Exodus gives us an opportunity to think about our own journeys, and our own need to leave the ‘narrow places’ in our lives for a life lived in God’s liberating grace! And certainly I want to share with you a little about what happened to me and for me during the 100 days of my renewal leave.

Join us, in person in Riverside Park, or online from near or far away!

See you Sunday,

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