Eighteenth Sunday of Pentecost

Bread for the Journey

Sunday, September 24 at 11am | Bulletin

“What do you need?”

That’s a question that seems a bit fraught. If I’m the one doing the asking, say when someone comes to the church asking for help, I sometimes get more of an answer than I expect. More than I can give. And if someone is asking me what I need, it’s worse. What do I really need? It forces me to think, and to think hard. What do I need?In the Exodus story, the people keep complaining. ‘Murmuring’, in the language of the Bible. They tell Moses, Too bad we didn’t die in Egypt, where at least we had food!

And God overhears their complaining, and meets their need. Maybe not what they want, and maybe not everything they want, but what they need. Enough.

Let’s gather on Sunday, and pray for all to have enough.

See you there,


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