Water From a Rock

Sunday, October 1 at 11am | Bulletin

“Is the Lord among us, or not?” Exodus 17:7

That’s the question that the Israelites ask each other as they wander, thirsty, in the wilderness. Their frustration is understandable: there is no water for them to drink, no water for their children, no water for the livestock.

Of course, soon there is water! Miraculously provided by God through Moses. Problem solved. Conflict resolved. Question answered.

We spoke last week about complaining, how it sometimes keeps us from moving ahead. But there is a time to complain, a time to cry out, a time to make some noise, a time for constructive conflict. And in this case, the complaining of the Israelites was answered with life-giving water.

Come, thirsty, on Sunday, and we’ll share the water of life with each other.


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