Whose Pride Goeth Before the Fall?

Sunday, June 25 at 11am | Bulletin


June is Pride month, and this Sunday is Pride Sunday. Happy Pride!

Yet isn’t pride one of the Christian tradition’s seven deadly sins? There’s also the biblical proverb that has entered popular discourse (incorrectly) as “pride goeth before a fall.” Some Christians have even used Proverbs 16:18 as a cudgel to criticize LGBTQIA+ Pride events as sinful and transgressive.

But what is pride, what is Pride, and whose pride “goeth before a fall”?

Those are crucial questions to ask in a time of coordinated political and religious attacks on LGBTQI+ persons. We will look at how Christians have understood, over time, the sin of pride, and contrast it with the Pride we celebrate today – a shaking off of shame, an act of honor and praise to God for our bodies, ourselves, the uniqueness of every person, and the potential for transformative joy.

Whatever else Pride means, the Pride song in my heart is from a well-known praise song, “I’m trading my sorrows, I’m trading my shame . . . I’m laying it down for the joy of the Lord!”

Let’s share in that joy together come Sunday,


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