Which Way’s Up

“Which Way’s Up”

I have a notoriously substandard sense of direction. This always distresses my dad, a Navy submariner who is gifted with an internal GPS. He used to say that I couldn’t find my way out of a paper bag. And while jokingly extreme, he isn’t wrong. I can so easily get turned around. I end up wondering a fair amount of time, “Which way is up?” “Where’s North?” I have learned, over the years, to go from there with greater ease. If I’ve got North, I can go from there.

This Sunday, we’ll think about which way we’re going as a faith community and how we stay on course. It’s all too easy to get turned around and the path is often obscured. We’ll consider together, guided by the Spirit, “What’s our North Star?”

After worship, our Souls & Solidarity team will facilitate a time of learning and sharing on that same theme. We’ll have some refreshments to tide us over so we can stick around for a bit. We hope you’ll join us!

In love and solidarity,

Pastor Lea

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